18 Apr

Plant the Idea of a Better Future

Plant the Idea of a Better Future animated gif

Mother Nature has a way of reminding us who is in charge.

She’s telling us that it’s time to show her some love.

For Earth Day, we are planting roots for tomorrow through The Nature Conservancy, Plant a Billion Trees Fund. The fund is currently working to restore forests in Brazil, China and the US. Visit PlantABillion.org

As designers, we have the knowledge to help clients evaluate their best methods of engaging their audience while keeping a product’s life cycle in mind. Every day we see more inventive and sustainable uses of message and materials. And we work to help Mother Earth breathe a little easier.

Every day is earth day. Let’s make each day a good one.

Design Perspective is a strategic design firm whose client base supports—education, health + science, technology, sustainability and the arts—all areas that work together to empower communities, and in turn, better connect our world.

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