Explorations in Leisure

  • Vision for a new lifestyle brand comes to life — Pacifica Supply Ltd. recently commissioned Design Perspective to collaboratively strategize, build and launch its new brand from the ground up. As a result of that collaboration, we introduce Explorations in Leisure. The core concept behind the new brand revolves around marketing the “tools for leisure”. While the client has a modern design sense, it was clear that the brand concept needed to celebrate the artisan tradecraft of making the products they sell. Further challenging our team, the brand was to be launched on an e-commerce business model. Amazon.com was the chosen platform, necessitating that critical design choices be made to optimize the packaging design for display on the Amazon website format. Our solution is, at once, clean and modern, yet gracefully connects the notion of old-world craftsmanship to the brand and its products. The bottom-line — a highly successful product launch, and the prospect for many more products to come.
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