Discover Coronado

  • Coronado Tourism Improvement Districts, Discover Coronado — FY 17 Annual Report and Management Plans for FY18
  • During a year of big changes for the Coronado Tourism Improvement Districts, now called Discover Coronado, the Design Perspective team was tasked with delivering a design that showcased Discover Coronado’s accomplishments over the past year, and its plans for the future. The Districts’ focus is to promote Coronado as an elite destination for meetings, tradeshows and conferences. The annual report is presented to the Mayor and City Council members to gain approval to implement management plans for the next year and beyond. Readability and organization is key, as distribution is via a pdf that must be viewable in multiple digital formats. Bottom line — it looks like the future is bright for Discover Coronado, and we look forward to future collaborations to assist them in honing their brand and message.

Discover Cornado Annual Report

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